Sample Projects

Sample summaries of client projects

Introduction to Lean
Lean Start Project
Engineering Components Plant
Location: West of Ireland

Introduction of concept of Lean and building of Lean Awareness with management and key operations staff. This was achieved through “Lean Awareness” training and Lean Waste Walks. Focused project on “Quick Changeover” (SMED) methodology yielded a 20% reduction in the average changeover times.

Lean in Automotive
Lean in Automotive
Location: Ireland

Achieved 15% labour cost reduction through lean programme.

Lean in Construction
Lean Enterprise Project
Concrete, Tar & Filler Plants
Location: West of Ireland

Drove culture change from a reactive to proactive type of thinking, where people speak with facts and figures rather than estimates and opinions. To effect this, a suite of targeted KPIs were devised and deployed. Deployment of Lean System and tools achieved, a productivity gain of 17% (11% OEE increase). This combined with various other productivity improvements delivered a 15% year on year boost to profit margins

Lean in Laboratory
Lean in the Laboratory
Location:Scandinavia & Ireland

Reduced “Batch Release Days” by 50% by deploying lean tools and techniques in the laboratory.

Lean in Pharmaceutical Plant
Operations Performance Improvement
Location: Scandinavia

Achieved a 50% reduction in throughput days, 20% capacity increase and 20% efficiency improvements across Production, Packaging and Laboratories operations for a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Re-Design for Cost Reduction
Manufacturing Cost Reduction
Electronic Component Manufacturer
Location: U.S.A. and China

Working with the Design, Purchasing and Manufacturing groups achieved 25% reduction in manufacturing costs through a re-design for manufacturing programme.

Electronic Kanbans
Electronic Kanbans
Automotive Components
Location: Ireland

Configured and installed automatic replenishment of components with electronic kanbans from point of use on production line via blue tooth and GSM to supplier. Project included VMI up to point of consumption on production line.

Failure Mode Effect Analysis – FMEA
FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis):
Electronic, Automotive and Pharmaceutical.
Location: International..

Provided classroom training and “On the Job” training for deployment of FMEA. Delivered 50% PPM reduction through FMEA programme

Due Dilligence of Manufacturing Operations
Manufacturing Due Diligence
Location: Europe, Asia & Africa.

Provision of in-depth analysis and evaluations of manufacturing operations of various acquisition targets. This included generation detailed Cash Flow Change based on planned changes in the fundamental operations of the business.

Design Standardization
Design Standardisation
Location: Ireland, France, Canada & China.

Working with numerous design and manufacturing sites to achieve uniform design, material selection and process utilisation standards facilitating a two-week turn on concept to pre-series production samples of electronic components.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Performance Improvement
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Cosmetics Producer.
Location: Ireland.

Assessment of current operations, development of improvement plan and implementation of plan to achieve 10% improvement in O.E.E. in a six month time frame.

Manufacturing Analysis
Manufacturing Analysis
Plastic Components Manufacturer
Location: Italy

Benchmarking and Analysis of plastics manufacturing capabilities and costs in Italy versus Eastern Europe and China Italy.

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